Tourism in Ardèche

Sporting activities at the Domaine de St Clair

                  golf players of the
                  Domaine de Saint-Clair

The Domaine de Saint-Clair offers many sports activities :

  •  golf initiation (possibly as a challenge)
  • First flight in mongolfieres
  • Care and massage décléor
  • Challenge multi  activities (sarbacane, volley-ball, hockey on grass, shooting...) and team building.  contact us for more informations
  • Moutain bike
  • Outdoor swimming pool, sauna and gym
  • Balls game, balls pitch

Sports activities around

go karting in the heart of Ardeche verte

Because of his great location in the heart of Ardèche verte, the domaine is very close to many sports activities:

  • Electric go karting (10mn) 
  • High ropes(20 mn) 
  • Rafting, canoë, white-water swimming (20 mn) 
  • Horse riding (5 mn) 
  • Trotinnette descent from Pilat mount to Maclas ( 30 min) 
  • Sled dog artic raid (over 1 hour)      

The Domaine de Saint-Clair, near Peaugres safari

Some Maki cattas at the Peaugres Zoo Safari

The Domaine de Saint-Clair is very close to the Safari de Peaugres, less than 5 minutes drive. The biggest zoo in Rhone alpes region offers you a visit by car.

Any type of transport (feet, car, bus...) will lead you to a total escape. treat yourself to an exceptionnal trip in the heart of 5 continents on 50 acres.

The safari is divided on two areas

  • the first one by car (safari)
  • the second one by feet (zoo)

Let yourself charm by the red pandas, the minks and many other wild animals.

More informations :

A rich heritage area

The region around The Domaine de Saint-Clair has a rich cultural heritage .

Annonay is the birthplace of the brothers Montgolfier and the legend says,  that one of the first flight took place where The Domaine de Saint-Clairis. One of the field behind the hotel still a take off place, and you can admire the colorfull mongolfiere flying above the domaine .

Other source of discovery, the industrial heritage : the parchments, tanners and bargees were install and let their heritages.

To visit : 

Not to miss : First movie festival at the start of the year. Since 1984 Annonay make « his show » to promote young film directors from all over the world .

The toursit office Ardèche Grand Air will help you to make the most of your stay

Green tourism

The Ardeche Canyons

Ardèche verte is a natural destination by its landscape like fields and vineyards.

Its exceptionnal location between the Rhone Valley and the Doux Valley will satisfy sustenable tourists : vulcanoes, sources, tork waterfall, bridges, passerelles, gardens, forest and wild canyons…

Many trekking passes suitable for pedestrians , horse riding or moutain biking will lead you to all those marvellous areas.

For cyclist, two departures are possible on "the ardechoise ways" near : Boulieu-les-Annonay (0.50 km) and Saint Félicien, birthplace of l’Ardéchoise (30 km).

The Domaine de Saint-Clair is labelize "bicycle friendly".

Near The ViaRhona, The Domaine de Saint-Clair is a perfect stop for the tourists who cycle throught the way linking geneva to the camargue's beaches